This is the first record for NEON CROSS in 1987. Two songs on this one, NEED YOUR LOVE and SON OF GOD. After the release of this CD, SON OF GOD became the most requested song in concert.

"Today Neon Cross is already considered to be one of the best and most original Christian metal bands" Phil Powell  Rizzen Roxx Magazine

"Neon Cross music knocks you off your feet, so make sure you sit down and wear a seatbelt while you listen to them. David Raymond Reeves can belt those notes higher then the Word Trade Center. Don Webster's guitar work will leave the best of  them with their mouths open, standing in awe"  Judd Harper  Rizzen Roxx Magazine


This was our first full record released in 1988.

"one of the best albums in heavenly metal history. Fast paced chops that can't help but draw you in. Lyrics of their songs are direct and often intense. A mature band both musically and spiritually. Straight ahead, solid, energetic metal"  Rosie Hendrex CA Calendar

"Neon Cross self titled debut is a heavy dosage of metal, David Raymond Reeves lead vocalist, makes the band truly unique in the overflowed metal market with his very original vocals. lyrically Neon Cross is sincere and profound. Musically Neon Cross is solid metal, no frills, just straight ahead kicken metal" Judd Harper Rizzen Roxx Magazine


This CD contains the unauthorized release of HEART BREAKER. It was released in 1989 without the bands permission.





NEON CROSS recorded three songs for Rugged Records in 1994. BUY MY RECORD, MYSTERY OF LOVE and IN YOUR MIND.

"Premium Cuts is the perfect name for the project. On as scale of 1 - 10 all theses songs go way past 10 "Mystery of Love", performed by Neon Cross, great rhythm and intensity, 70's and 90's hard rock mixed, vocals are very good, Hot guitar solo, Intense message talks about the mystery of love" Mark Mingin 23:4 Magazine

"What can you say about a compilation with this much talent?, Neon Cross returns with a very different sound the their debute album. "Mystery of Love: drives.." Doug Van Pelt  HM Magazine.



This is the 1995 release of TORN.

"Not many artist of any genre could disappear for six years and come back so convincingly. a blend of blues-based riffs and top-notch songwriting, led by the impressive range of David Raymond Reeves. Rock this hard never goes out of style" Bruce A Brown CCM Update.

"This is a band that needed a real comeback effort, and dug deep into their heavy metal roots to emerge with a serving of the Seattle stuff, raw, dirty, and passionate modern rock revealing several hits". Doug Van Pelt HM Magazine


Release in 1996

This is the best of Rugged Records in 1995. This promo CD was to be sold in record and CD stores to introduce people to the bands of Rugged Records. Two Songs on this one, BITTERNESS and VIDEO SMUT